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Kitchen robot with touch screen, Wi-Fi connection and scale function. 28 automatic programs with easy and intuitive operation, to do from simple tasks to complete the recipe. Connect your Chefbot Touch to the Wi-Fi network and you can periodically update its more than 100 pre-installed recipes. Compact and very light, with multiple kitchen functions and accessories.

Interactive food processor.
With a 5-inch colour touchscreen and WiFi connection to keep it updated.
More than 140 pre-installed recipes.
Connect your Chefbot Touch to the WiFi network and get regular updates for its more than 140 pre-installed recipes.
24 automatic programs, 12 speeds + turbo.
It whips, mounts, emulsifies, mixes, stirs, confits, cooks with degree-by-degree precision, kneads, boils, keeps warm, ferments, blanches, cooks in a bain-marie, at low temperature, simmers, steams, crushes, chops, grinds, grates, peels, slices and pulverises.
All your cooking utensils in one. It saves space and time.
It is equivalent to a cooking pot, frying pan, thermos, kitchen scale, blender, steamer, mincer, pastry blender, rice cooker, kneader, grater, coffee grinder and yoghurt maker. Easy to use and intuitive, you can do everything from simple tasks to preparing a whole recipe from scratch. It can crush ice and cook at a range of temperatures from 37 to 120º, for up to 90 mins at a time.
Built-in kitchen scale function
Precisely weighs the ingredients you need to incorporate into your dishes and recipes.
Compact design, lightweight and easy to clean.
All its non-electrical accessories are dishwasher-friendly. The stainless steel bowl must always be washed by hand, while trying to avoid water coming into contact with the bottom part where the connectors are located. Also features a self-cleaning program.
Includes multiple accessories.
-Ice-crushing blades
-Mixing spatula
-Hand spatula
-Separating basket
-Measuring glass
-Whisk attachment
-Reversible cutting disk
-Food processor lid
-Food pusher
-2-level steamer


Interactive With 5-inch color SoftTouch Screen and Wi-Fi connection.

More than 100 pre-installed recipes and share yours with other users, plus Ikohs continuously updates its recipes to download to your machine.

12 speeds + turbo , it can crush ice and cook with a temperature range of 37 to 120º, up to 90 minutes in a row. Capacity up to 3.5L (2.3L for cooking). Integrated scale with tare function.

All in one : Equivalent to a cooking pot, frying pan, thermos, kitchen scale , mixer, steamer, chopper, pastry blender, rice cooker, kneader, shredder, grater, coffee grinder and yogurt maker.

16 cooking functions : whisk, whip, emulsify, mix, stir, confit, cook with precision grade by grade, knead, boil, keep warm, ferment, poach, bain-marie, low heat, simmer and steam

6 cutting functions : shred, mince, grind, grate, chop and pulverize. Using the specific “Food Processor” lid with the reversible cutting disc, it can be grated, peeled and sliced while cooking.

Built-in accurate scale.

Transparent hermetic lid with a steam outlet regulator , which allows you to see what you are cooking and add ingredients in a safe way. Blades can be exchanged without removing the bowl. Side power button to prevent accidental shutdown

Compact and lightweight design very easy to use, clean, store and transport.

Easy to clean : All non-electric accessories are dishwasher safe. The stainless steel bowl should always be hand washed, trying to prevent water from coming into contact with the bottom where the connectors are.

With safety thermostat : In case of overheating, the Chefbot will stop to avoid breakdowns. Just by pressing the reset button under the bowl, once it has cooled down, it will return to normal operation. More information in the manual.

Respectful with your health and the environment : All its parts and accessories are free of BPA and other toxins

Includes multiple accessories:

Recipe book with step by step of 100 recipes
Ice pick blades
1 mixing paddle to stir without breaking food
1 hand spatula
1 separator basket for solid and liquid food
1 measuring cup, which can also be used to remove the food separator basket easily
1 butterfly whisk (to emulsify, whip and beat)
A reversible cutting disc with its lifting accessory
1 food processor lid for use with the reversible cutting disc
1 food pusher for slicing, grating and peeling
Steamer: with a transparent lid, it not only allows you to steam healthily, but you can also prepare several dishes at the same time on the different levels of the robot.