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Kitchen scales

Success is all about balance. Kitchen scales with tare function allow you to accurately weigh the amount of food and ingredients you use in your recipes. At CREATE we also have a kitchen scale that is battery-free, coil-operated, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Kitchen Scales: A must-have Kitchen Tool

A kitchen scale is an appliance that allows you to measure the weight of dry, liquid, or chopped ingredients, rather than their volume to get accurate measurements of recipes. This appliance comes in different capacities, sizes and units of measurement. For convenience purposes, this kitchen appliance is widely used by professional chefs as well as amateurs. This kitchen appliance can also be used to keep track of elements of a diet, such as calculating how much sugar or carbohydrates are in a certain portion of food stuff. This appliance is made up of a few elements. First, it has a container that holds the food, ranging from dry goods , moist ingredients to liquids. Depending on what is most frequently weighed, the appliance contains a glass bowl that is washable, an aluminum scale that is curved, or a flat platform that is made of plastic. The second key element of this appliance is the internal device that actually weighs the ingredients. This appliance uses a counterbalanced system to give some of the most accurate measurements. Finally, this kitchen appliance has a screen or display system to show the measurements. This could be an analog display or the digital unit which displays the measurement to the nearest tenth.  A digital kitchen scale and also the electronic kitchen scale has other useful extra features, such as a clock and  a timer. It  can display different measurement units, such as pounds, ounces, grams, or kilograms. 

Things to consider when buying kitchen scales

  • Type of scale you want: there are three types of scales that can be used in the kitchen which include digital, analog and hanging scale.
  • Ease of use: you should pick a scale that is easy to use and gives legible measurements.
  • Accuracy: when picking a scale, you should pick the one which will give you the most accurate readings.

A kitchen scale can also be used by crafters to measure materials like wax, pulp or glycerin. This kitchen item has gained so much popularity among chefs because they have realized the importance of measuring ingredients in weight and in volume. 

Advantages of using a Kitchen Scale

  • They help in giving accurate measurement and thus getting the right portions.
  • They assist with counting calories especially for those watching what they are eating.
  • Weighing food encourages healthy habits especially for those looking to lose weight.
  • They make measuring of ingredients while cooking or baking much easier.
  • They are very easy to use.

There are other kitchen tools such as the multi cooker. This is a kitchen device that uses a timer to do automated cooking. This appliance has several capabilities like cooking, browning, deep frying, steaming, baking, simmering, stewing, roasting and grilling. This appliance does not require a lot of user intervention since all you have to do is put whatever needs to be prepared in it and then leave it to prepare the food according to the programming. Some of the multi cookers have the function of re-heating food or cooking it at a later time.  Some of these appliances can also work as a slow cooker.

Other types of domestic scales

Most of the times the domestic scales are used for personal purposes for instance the bathroom scale is used to take measurements of one's body weight. The measurements are displayed on the scale's LED or LCD screen. The more advanced models have the capability of not only measuring a person's weight, they can also calculate the body's BMI, muscle mass, lean mass, fat percentage and the water ratio. You can get one of these appliances to monitor your weight.