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CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Choose the bread size and its toasting level

Make homemade bread of 1 kg, 1.25 kg or 1.5 kg depending on what you need. You can also choose from 3 crust bake levels, from lightly toasted to medium or very crispy.

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Features 12 automatic programmes

You can choose between its 12 programmes that are indicated on its LCD screen. You can use them to make:

  • Potato bread
  • White bread
  • Rye bread
  • Chocolate bread
  • Carrot bread
  • Yoghurt bread
  • Gluten-free rice bread
  • Pizza dough
  • Pasta dough
  • Jams

And so much more...

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Programmable up to 15 hours

It has the option of being programmable up to 15 hours so that you can enjoy freshly made bread any time of the day you want. Additionally, it has a function which keeps the bread warm for up to 60 minutes after finishing its preparation.

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Large and intuitive LCD screen

It has a large viewing window and an LCD screen so you know how your bread is doing at all times.

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Easy to clean

By having a removable and non-stick container, cleaning is very easy and quick.

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Includes accessories

An accessory pack is included with this bread maker, consisting of a hook, a cup and a measuring spoon. This will make all your preparations much easier.

CHEF BREAD - Bread Maker

Your bread with the bread maker in 3 steps

1. Pour the amount of water indicated on the packet into your CHEF BREAD.

2. Add your organic mix and a sachet of yeast.

3. Choose the right programme and click Start.

Your bread will be ready in about 3 hours. Enjoy!

*Try leaving your bread maker programmed with the mixture so you can wake up with freshly made bread.


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