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The slow cold extraction maintains all the properties of fruits and vegetables without altering their nutritional contribution, allowing you to enjoy healthy and natural drinks.


3 ON-Reverse-Forward work functions and 2 modes for soft or hard fruits and vegetables.

Cold pressing extraction : Keeping the fruit flavors and properties intact. A high speed extractor alters the nutritional properties of food. The heat generated by the friction of its blades damages its components, and favors oxidation by mixing a large amount of air in its process.

Benefits of slow extraction:
- Keeps the flavors and properties intact,
- You can remove pesticide residues by separating juice and pulp.
- The juice is denser and more uniform, with less foam
- The juice is kept longer in the fridge (up to 72 hours)
- By admitting large pieces, it is hardly necessary to chop the fruit. Some fruits can enter with skin
- Food is used more.

Easy to use: To squeeze beans, vegetables, fruits and other foods up to 8.3cm in diameter. With a 400ml juice tank that stores the squeezed food and extracts the juice and pulp through their respective outlets. Includes two 900ml juice and pulp jugs.

Novel design , with high juice extraction and pulp separation.

Easy to clean: With a cleaning brush included. All non-electrical parts are removable and are dishwasher safe.

Respectful of your health and the environment : All its parts and accessories are free of BPA and other toxins.