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Electric juicer

The orange juicer is an icon of the 20th century as it is part of every household kitchen. Having a juicer machine guarantees you a healthy and delicious freshly squeezed orange juice. What's more, with an electric juicer you can have it ready in a minute and without any effort.

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What types of juicer machines are available?

Many juicers collect both the juice and the pulp, and you are able to control the amount of juice and pulp you collect, according to what you wish to obtain. Both of these products contain a high level of vitamins and minerals. The slow extraction method found in these types of juicers means the maximum amount of minerals and vitamins can be obtained and isn't removed by oxidizing or heating. Pulp can be used for:

  • Adding to muffins or similar cakes to create a unique flavour.
  • Added to ice cubes or use to create ice lollies.
  • Types of dip.
  • Create a fruit tea - it's a good idea to add cinnamon or ginger to the fruit. 
  • A vegetarian sandwich filler, maybe add herbs and salt and peppers.
  • Making a sauce for pasta.
  • Creating veggie fritters, meatballs or burgers.
  • Create a special vegetarian chilli.
  • Cook into a quiche mix.
  • Add water to make a dough, make cracker shapes and refrigerate.
  • Dry and blend to a powder to add to a range of salads.
  • Add to porridge or cold cereal.
  • Bake the pulp into fruit or vegetable bread.
  • Many other ideas are out there, you just need to experiment with your own plans.

The benefits of having an electric citrus juicer 

It's always important to be able to make juice clean and fast, and the presence of an anti-drip spout on the product helps you to do that. It also helps that you can extract the juice continuously. The effortless squeezing of the fruit is so much more convenient, allowing you to enjoy it daily. Note that some juicers are designed for citrus fruits and some are designed for all fruits and vegetables, it is best to check that you buy the right product. The stainless steel design creates a durable juicer which allows for ease of cleaning. 

How should the electric juicer be used?

All parts of the juicer are fully detachable and washable either by hand or in a dishwasher. The design of the product is ergonomic, meaning that it is efficient and convenient as it can be, as they all made from lightweight material.  Because of their small size they can fit into any kitchen. It has enough power to obtain juice from fruit and vegetables with ease. The product works off a two pin continental plug, but a three pin UK adapter is included in your purchase.  

At our website you can see our full range of kitchen appliances, whether you can choose to buy a cold press juicer or even invest in a toaster allowing you to cook toast or buns to complement fruit dips or vegetable spreads made from pulp toaster.