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Toasters provide convenience and practicality when toasting bread. In addition, electrics toasters have the advantage of being able to control the toasting level of the bread more precisely. In our catalogue you will find: Horizontal toasters, vertical toasters and retro toasters. Choose yours!

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Anybody who loves crunchy little toasts knows that a toaster is a vital kitchen appliance. It offers the perfect and fastest way to prepare toasts for the family. A toaster also allows you to make great sandwiches, and in some instances, it can be used as an open face hot sandwich at dinner time. This essential appliance comes in various shapes, sizes, and they have different methods to heat the bread. Here at our online store, we stock multiple types of toasters with varying budgets to suit different families. Our toaster makers have various slots, which we refer to as slices. There are one slice toaster, two slice, four slots, and even eight slices toasters. You can have a toaster that allows you to drop the bread at the top of the toaster, and it comes out at the bottom fully toasted or a toaster that toasts pastries. Below are some pointers to ensure you get the best toaster at our online store.

Choose Your Type of Electric Bread Toaster

Bread toasters are much more than a simple kitchen appliance. They are seemingly insignificant pieces but hold great value in any kitchen. With the simple act of toasting bread, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious breakfasts every day. Because it's the little details that make a difference, and there's nothing better than the smell of freshly toasted bread in the morning to start the day with energy, motivation, and joy.

If you're thinking of getting an electric bread toaster, this is the perfect time. Check out the basic qualities of these appliances to guide your choice and select the bread toaster that best suits your needs.

Factors to consider when shopping for your toaster

  1. The material of the toaster: You certainly need to choose stainless steel toaster as your material of choice. The kitchen is usually humid. Choose a toaster made of a material that does not rust easily such as, stainless steel or plastic. Additionally, the design of the toaster must match your kitchen decor. You do not want to have an odd-looking toaster in the midst of your gorgeous kitchen.
  2. Width of the Bread Slot: A good toaster should have deep and wide slots which will allow the family to toast slices of bread with different physical sizes such as bagels, hot dog buns as well as the entire hot dog. We have toast makers with extremely generous width. For example, you can even insert two slices of normal size bread in at the same time and have ample space left.
  3. Warranty of the One Slot Toaster: Always purchase a toaster with warranty which will provide repair for your toaster if it is damaged. Whether you buy an expensive or cheap toaster, you may consider purchasing an extended warranty for your dear toaster. All our toast makers come with reasonable warranty. Buying from us ensures that the material used in building the toaster is durable.
  4. Crumbs Tray: Another factor that you need to take note while shopping for your toaster is a crumbs tray. A crumbs tray makes toasting bread for the family a fun affair and ensures that bread crumbs are easily cleaned after toasting.
  5. Heating Element: The heating element must be thin enough so that it will conduct heat efficiently, hence heating the bread quickly. You do not wish to eat bread that is unevenly toasted.
  6. Defrosting and Reheating Feature: This is another essential feature, which is a must is defrosting. Defrosting allows you to thaw the frozen piece of bread before toasting it. Occasionally, we may toast the bread and forget about it. A cold toast does not taste nice; hence a reheating feature heats the bread without over burning it. We offer perfect toast makers that are able to execute the defrosting and reheating perfectly.

Which Retro Toaster to Buy?

There are different types of toasters, so you may have doubts about which bread toaster to buy. Do you prefer a traditional bread toaster, or perhaps a horizontal toaster is better?

While horizontal toasters may be an ideal choice for some, traditional slot toasters are also very useful and convenient to use.

This type of toasters usually have dual slots where you insert slices of bread. Moreover, they generally include three basic functions: toasting, reheating, and defrosting. You can also program the time and cancel the toasting process at any time to achieve an optimal result. They come in various sizes, from small bread toasters to larger models that can toast multiple slices at once.

Advantages of Traditional Toasters:

The main advantage lies in the space they occupy as they are more compact. Furthermore, they are much safer, and their design is usually more appealing.

We also offer a variety of designs and toasters in different colors. Explore our website and take a look at all the toaster models available in various pastel colors. You can make your breakfast moments perfectly match your kitchen decor. Start the day the right way and get your retro toaster at the best price.

Make sure as you browse through our appliances as you refer to the above toaster buying tips, to be sure that you choose a toaster that will toast for you for years to come. Because we think of you and we know that you love to start your day with a rich, nutritious and balanced breakfast. To make your breakfast or snack an unforgettable moment, we have a great selection of toasters online: small toasters, long-slot toasters, two slices toastersstainless steel toasters and much more. Start your day in the best way! Get your retro toaster at the best price.

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