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At CREATE we combine style with functionality, that's why we are committed to a line of retro fridges and vintage fridges, so that you can buy refrigerator and freezers online and turn them into a designer fridge that decorates your kitchen with style. Discover all the models and configure it to your liking.
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A fridge is a kitchen appliance that uses a mechanism of removing warm or hot air inside the confined space which is thermally insulated and leaving only cool air. This was discovered in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A fridge is also essential in most urban centers as it's used to preserve food items for a longer period. This is achieved by keeping the confined space at a very low temperature, while a heat pump emits the heat. Over the years a refrigerator has evolved from single doors to double doors and so on. Refrigerators mostly cool items to low temperatures while refrigerator-freezers cool items to ice. A modern fridge is hence divided into sections of compartments. The freezer is mostly located at the top and the refrigerator at the bottom. Since most of the fridge for sale is the most common, the refrigerator-freezer has a smaller thermal insulated space compared to the lower space.

Fridges for Sale

Like most products, the fridge was meant for mass production and make profits. Hence, the manufacturers have made the products more enticing. From energy-efficient to sleek design refrigerators, the art of attracting more clients has truly evolved. The modern fridge for sale has amazing features like ice cube makers on the doors to chilled water too. While purchasing a fridge one considers what they need it for. Some can be custom made into rooms to accommodate large items for commercial purposes while others are just for basic household items. There are five types of household refrigerators, namely; french door, side by side, bottom freezer, top freezer, and specialty foods. Most of the home refrigerators run at 3 °C - 5 °C  to slow down the bacteria growth.

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Advantages of a Fridge

  • Storage: Before refrigeration, putting away nourishment for more than a couple of days would frequently prompt the nourishment of ruining and getting unappetizing. While putting away nourishment submerged was conceivable in a waterway or lake, or in a basement where the temperature would not ascend to such an extent, this would expand the life expectancy of the nourishment just somewhat. Refrigeration enables the temperature to be brought down so far that nourishment can be put away for quite a long time or even months.​
  • Transportation: Providing short-lived merchandise to an area a long way from its source used to be troublesome or even unimaginable. Long separation ventures require some investment, and time implied a period in which the item would start to ruin, with dying happening faster in high temperatures. Refrigeration takes into account cold stockpiling during travel, so the products can land in a similar condition as they were in when they left.

Disadvantages of a Fridge

  • Power consumption: Despite being a very good product, the refrigerators are high power consuming products that need to be connected to electric current for 24 hours every day.
  • High Prices: The initial capital for getting yourself a new fridge is quite high and also its maintenance.

To conclude, we can agree on a refrigerator being an important commodity in a household or a facility dealing with perishable goods. Hence, it's advisable purchasing an energy-efficient and cost-friendly item form a well-known store.  At our online store you will find a huge range of retro fridges for sale to bring elegance and functionality to your home.