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FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator

1950s aesthetic

Retro Vintage design and style fridge that harks back to the first electrical appliances of the 1950s. Available in different colours. With a fridge volume of 181L and a freezer volume of 63L.

FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator

Practical and functional

Compartmentalised interior to help you organise food. It has 3 interchangeable tempered glass shelves, one fixed shelf, a fruit and vegetable drawer, 3 interchangeable side shelves.

FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator

Resistant materials

Manufactured with resistant materials and, like its style, it is designed to last. What's more, it conserves and refrigerates as well as a modern fridge.

FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator

ECO Friendly

This refrigerator uses R600a refrigerant gas. This type of refrigerant does not harm the ozone layer and has virtually zero impact on global warming.

Fridge comparison

FRIDGE RETRO 48L - Retro-style refrigerator FRIDGE RETRO 107L - Retro-style refrigerator FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator FRIDGE STYLANCE TOP 246L - Retro style combi fridge FRIDGE RETRO 281L - Retro-style refrigerator FRIDGE STYLANCE 330L - Retro Style Combi Refrigerator
Model RETRO FRIDGE 48L £ 254.95 RETRO FRIDGE 107L £ 549.95 FRIDGE STYLANCE 244L £ 799.95 FRIDGE STYLANCE TOP 246L £ 749.95 RETRO FRIDGE 281L £ 949.95 FRIDGE STYLANCE 330L £ 899.95
New energy rating F F E E D D
Annual consumption 98 kWh/annum 176 kWh/annum 202 kWh/annum 189kWh/annum 128 kWh/annum 196KWh/annum
Fridge capacity 48 L 92 L 181L 194 L 260 L 234 L
Freezer capacity - 15 L 63 L 52 L 21 L 96 L
Total capacity 48 L 107 L 244 L 246 L 281 L 330 L
Working temperature refrigerator 0°-10° 0°-10° 0°-10° 0°-10° 0°-10° 2°-8°
Freezer working temperature - -18°-0° -18°-0° -18°-0° -18°-0° -16°-24°
No. of doors 1 1 2 2 1 2
Reversible door No No No No No No
Weight 18 Kg 34 Kg 50 Kg 45.5 Kg 65 Kg 68 Kg
Dimensions 500x440x498 mm 560x540x840 mm 550x615x1810 mm 550x615x1665 mm 600x600x1500 mm 600x695x1900mm

The European regulations on energy efficiency rating of household appliances have changed. This does not mean that the product you purchased is different in its electricity consumption, but that the labelling has changed to its current equivalent, adapting to the new rating levels.

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