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Single door fridges

The single fridge was one of the greatest technological advances of the 20th century. At CREATE we have brought back the unmistakable vintage style of the single door fridges of the 1950s to offer you these fridges with a retro design and modern technology. Choose the colour and volume of yours.

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Best Single Door Fridge Buying Guide in the UK

Technology has penetrated every sphere of our lives, and the world is becoming more modernized. The kitchen is not an exception to this advancement and transformation. One such technological development is the fridge. Single door fridges have become an essential kitchen appliance. Single door fridges are perfect primary or backup chillers, whether in a professional or office kitchen. One door fridge is designed with a compact structure. They can fit in limited floor space, giving you enough space to fit your other cooking appliances and some cooking space. Single door fridges are fitted with adjustable shelves to offer more flexibility and ample cold storage capacity. Additionally, most 1 door fridges have gastronorm compatibility. With gastronorm compatibility trays can be transferred from the fridge to the oven; whether you are looking for a small-duty fridge for your personal use or heavy-duty commercial to run your busy downtown café, there are plenty of choices within the one door fridge category. You can visit our store and get the latest vintage fridge.

Single door refrigerators

Having 1 door refrigerators in your kitchen, office, or catering business is worth investment. These refrigerators are stylish and make ice faster with an excellent power consumption capacity. They are designed to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher and longer. They are also fitted with special fruit and vegetable box cover that maintains the moisture content of the fruits and vegetables. In terms of design, these refrigerators have a sleek design making it easy to store your food and maximize your storage space. Interestingly, a refrigerator has a cooling compartment and the freezing compartment, which keeps the stored items below freezing point. For this reason, 1 door refrigerator can be used to keep both vegetables and ice cream, but they have to be in different compartments. Visit our online store and acquire the best mini fridge freezer in the market.

Single Door Fridge Freezer

Fridge freezer is mainly used to preserve food within temperatures below the freezing point. Fridge freezers are mainly used to store meats and medicines that require sub-freezing temperatures. Better deals visit our online store and fridge with freezer that suits your domestic and business needs.

Many companies deal with a single fridge, and decide which one to buy can be an uphill task. Outlined below are some of the factors to consider to help you narrow down to the best fridge.

  1. Capacity: the fridge should have enough space to cope with the volume of food items in your house or business. A small fridge can result in excessive food wastage, while a big one will take up too much of your kitchen space.
  2. Efficiency: the more efficient, the cheaper the running cost. It is always advisable to go for the fridge with an energy efficiency rating.
  3. Security: the content of your fridge can be valuable, especially if it contains meat, fish, or pharmaceutical products. In this case, investing in a lockable fridge is always advisable to enhance the security of your stock.
  4. Climate class: this represents the highest room temperature range that the fridge can operate effectively. According to the experts, if your kitchen temperature range is above 32 degrees Celsius your go-to fridge is the climate class 5. If the temperatures are below 32, a climate class 4 will be good.
  5. Defrost: As the fridge continues to function, ice tends to accumulate, reducing the fridge's lifespan and performance. Getting a fridge with an automatic defrost system can go a long way.
  6. Size: the fridge is an essential kitchen appliance, and it is always important to make sure that the fridge can fit your desired space before purchase. Additionally, the fridge should not take up too much space, leaving no room for other kitchen appliances and room to prepare and cook food.
  7. Child lock feature: this is an essential feature for domestic fridges, especially in households with toddlers. The child lock feature limits access to the fridge, especially when adults are not around.

Fridges are now an indispensable part of kitchenware. With exciting deals on single fridge, acquiring one has been made easy.