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Toaster for wide bread slices with XL slots. With a retro design and style designed so that, in addition to its functionality, it stands out in your kitchen with its own personality. It is perfect for you to feel the unmistakable aroma and delicious flavor of freshly toasted bread again.

Available from 12/12/2022

Colour: Black


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£ 64.95
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Toast Retro
Retro style electric bread toaster with XL slots
Always get the unmistakable flavour, texture and aromas of freshly toasted bread. A bread toaster for thick slices with a crumb tray and stainless steel finishes, very easy to clean.
Toast Retro
Six power levels
To get the level of browning you want, it also has two pre-programmed buttons: reheat and defrost, and one to cancel bread toasting.
Toast Retro
Available in various colours
The toaster has non-slip feet and a cable management system on its base, so it is safer to use and easier to store when not in use.
Toast Retro
Complete your retro collection
Choose elements with the latest technology and vintage aesthetics to give personality to your home. Complete your retro collection with all the pieces you need to create a kitchen you can enjoy and feel good in.


The RETRO TOAST toaster can turn any moment of the day into a real pleasure: that of the unmistakable taste, texture and aroma of freshly toasted bread.

With XL slots for wider bread toasts, bread self-lifting system, three toasting programs (Defrost, reheat and cancel toasting) and 6 power levels.

TOAST RETRO comes with non-slip feet, cable catcher, crumb tray and stainless steel finishes, an easy to clean toaster, very practical and with a very attractive retro design.