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Electric griddles

Thanks to the large surface of the electric griddles, you can cook your food very comfortably. With electric griddles you can cook wherever you like: at the table to share with the family, on the terrace or balcony with friends. Electric griddles are very practical, easy to use and easy to clean.

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As technology keeps advancing so is the cookware keeps evolving. Ages ago if we wanted a good pancake we would just use a pan and fire to make it, But as we progress with electricity being available we can make some good pancake(Smoke-free) with the new electric griddle. The clean design is meant to make your kitchen feel modern and chic with is the well-structured body frame. This is kinda a basic need for your kitchen to help you with your everyday morning routine. Well if you're wondering what this is, well here is an explanation, well, a griddle is different from a grill. It's a flat-top cooking surface which is heated up and distributes heat evenly across the whole surface allowing you to cook food evenly. The most common use of the griddles in a household is to prepare burgers, grilled cheese, eggs, some bacon, pancakes and many more items.

Types of Griddles

As griddles have been around for years, let us take a glips on some different types of griddles.

  • The traditional griddles; generally made from local household materials like clay, cast iron and maybe aluminium and heating source is fire.
  • The Residential griddle; is a bit modern since the heating source can be either gas or electricity. The casting is made from aluminium or carbon steel. And it's covered with non-stick material to allow for a smooth cooking process. they are often portable making it more popular.
  • The final one is Commercial griddles; Oftenly are lager than the rest and used in big venues. They are often free-standing and may seem to be mistaken for countertops, the only difference being the visible control panels. All these griddles use a basic concept of distributing heat evenly.

Now let's take a look specifically at the electric griddles.

Advantages of an Electric Griddle

  • Totally level surface: The level surface with no raised edges makes it simpler to move a spatula around for flipping things like eggs and bugger.
  • Totally even heating: While there might be some cooler spots in the regions between the oven grates on a burner frying pan, an electric one has pleasant, even warmth.
  • Opens up the oven: Again, for a griddle, you can connect it on the counter allowing you to create more space at the bottom where you can have some other appliances bellow it with other functionalities which go in hand with the griddle.
  • Oil drip off: There's generally a well around the frying pan with the goal that oil trickles off and pools in it.
  • Warming capacities: The electric frying pan sits in a casing, so there's some space underneath it that gets warm when the frying pan is being used. Space can be used to warm plates or keep the primary groups of food warm while the rest is cooking so we never need to turn on the stove.​

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