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Retro style frying pans, pastel coloured satin pans with ergonomic design to sauté food comfortably. Non-stick frying pans suitable for all types of hobs and with a bakelite handle. Our frying pans are free of PTFE and PFOA. Complete your cookware with our matching saucepans.

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The ideal cooking pan

Have you ever wondered how to get the best quality pans that will serve the purpose efficiently and for the longest time? Then worry no more since I will detail every information you need to know about pans, the latest features and models that have come out in recent years, such as the non-stick feature, which simply means that food will not stick on the pan. Here is more information about the non-stick pan. There are different categories of the cooking-pan ranging from cheaper ones to the expensive ones. The more the cheaper a product is, the lower the quality it seems and vice versa although this might not always be the case, it is always good to overweigh.

Pans non stick

This was the latest technology that was made from a coating of polytetrafluoroethylene, which was invented back in 1938 while on the work out of a joint venture of the DuPont company. The principal behind this technology is when a pan is heated, it contains microscopic crannies and nooks allowing the metal to expand and which allows the food to stick hence to minimize that sticking technology you coat the metal with oil.

Different pan types

Do you need help in choosing a good pan for your kitchen? Then visit our online CREATE shop. I will list some checks you need to look out for when looking for a pan. Firstly, check out on the heat distribution of the pan. Pan's heat should spread evenly meaning the material is of good quality. Next check on the durability of the product to asquint that it has been made with the best material, if you still need help on the site, you can contact them on their helpline. Here are the best types of this cooking pans that you can get from our shop, which is also available online at CREATE.

  1. Calphalon Contemporary Non-stick Pan. With this pan it is very hard to break the bank, and it cannot be ruined by high heat, it consists of a safety net to always make sure that your hand always stays burn-free.
  2. Frying pan which contains a fixed handle for ease hold off and no lid
  3. Crepe/Omellete pan, which also has similar characteristics to the frying pan

Pans for Ceramic Hob; this pan is suggested since it conducts heat well as compared to others, they may come in in different shapes and sizes. The stock pots non stick is another common type.

The kitchen pan for you

These pans kitchen may either be classified as either cookware or bakeware depending on the product; the pan must always have the above-listed properties such as heat conductivity; this means that the pan has to have a good evenly heat distribution for it to be considered as a cookware. Here are types of these kitchen pans in our shop.

  • Tramontina Grano Frying pan which has a square base made of pure metal with a non-stick feature and conducts heat in a good way.
  • Tramontina Ply Grano Gridle has the same characteristics as the Tramontina Grano listed above. The only difference is that this is a round pan. There are a variety of them available in our shop. Check out the latest deals of the day.

Pans for Induction cooktop

Induction is a process that is performed using heat of cooking vessels rather than relying on radiation and thermal conduction. This induction process allows an increase in temperature due to high power and the rapid change in temperature is achieved. The induction pan is available at affordable prices in our shop. You may also choose to pots and pan set non stick at our online shop.