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Personal blender with 230w of power to quickly prepare juices, smoothies or smoothies of fruits, vegetables and even nuts and take them wherever you want to drink directly from its 400ml portable glass.


Perfect for crushing fruit and vegetables, its 230 watts allow you to even add some nuts to your smoothies, with a smooth and creamy result.
The glass has a capacity of 400ml
: choose your ingredients, prepare your drink, and change the lid with blades for the lid to go. You can take it with you or store it in the fridge for later. The lid has a folding carry handle to hang it in your backpack and a spout to drink while you walk without splashing.
It works by pressing the glass against the base until it reaches the desired texture.
Non-electrical parts can be put in the dishwasher.
Available in various colors.
Light and compact, it takes up very little space and you can use it wherever you want.
Base and blades made of stainless steel
You can buy replacement glasses .
Glasses are free of BPA and other toxins
Tip : If the ingredients are too thick and tend to stick to the bottom of the glass, shake the glass like a shaker before putting it on the base. If they still remain at the bottom, add a little liquid (water, milk, juice, etc.), shake and put it back on the base.