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Electric steam pressure mop; Effortlessly cleans, scrubs, and removes dust and dirt in just a few minutes. Dry and wet clean, you can turn it into a handheld steam cleaner at the push of a button. Cleans and sterilizes multiple surfaces thanks to its different accessories.


Instant cleaning: With its rapid heating system it is capable of generating steam quickly, thanks to its 1200W of power.

Comfortable and ergonomic, with little effort and no incorrect postures for the back. In addition, it has a 5 meter cable to cover all surfaces of the home.

Easy to use: Full control of the electric mop from its trigger grip to regulate the amount of steam you want to apply at any time. Convertible into a handheld steamer at the push of a button.

Cleaning and disinfection without using chemical products. Pressurized steam is a proven method of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. In addition, you degrease and remove dirt more easily than with other appliances.