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Prepare delicious hot and cold milk foam for your coffees and milk chocolate or simply heat the milk for your breakfasts and snacks in a comfortable and simple way. The foamer adjusts its operation depending on the volume of liquid and its original temperature.

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Milk Frother Pro
Heats up to a maximum of 350 ml
You can heat up to a maximum of 350 ml of whole milk or milk chocolate, and it will be ready in just two minutes. It also works with soy milk if you prefer.
Milk Frother Pro
Froth both hot and cold.
Up to 160 ml, it will froth hot milk in a minute and a half, with cold milk it will only take a minute more.
Milk Frother Pro
Quick and easy to use
Automatic operation, three selectable modes with automatic stop when it finishes heating or frothing the milk, with a warning beep.
Milk Frother Pro
Minimalist design
With simple and elegant lines, you can choose the colour that best suits the style of your kitchen.
Milk Frother Pro
Easy clean
Clean the inside with just water and a little detergent. The exterior is cleaned with a slightly damp cloth, so as not to affect the electrical connections (buttons and base).


Heat and foam: You can heat up to a maximum of 350 ml of whole milk or milk chocolate, or froth up to 160 ml, both cold and hot.

Quick and easy to use: It takes only 120 to 160 seconds to heat the milk, 80 to 120 seconds to froth the milk hot and only 60 seconds to froth the cold milk.

Automatic operation , 3 selectable modes in which the frother stops when it finishes heating or frothing the milk, emitting a beep to warn.

Minimalist design: With simple and elegant lines, choose the one that best suits your lifestyle from its 4 colors.

Automatic shut-off safety system in case of running out of milk or overheating.

You can easily clean the inside with water or water with a little soap. But make sure it doesn't get wet on the outside as it could affect the electrical connections of the buttons or their base. For these areas, just wipe with a slightly damp cloth.