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Large 1800W air fryer with the capacity to cook 6 or 7 servings in each batch. Oil-free fryer with 8 pre-installed programs, stir reminder, angled screen for optimal viewing and an innovative 360° air circulation system that cooks food evenly like no other air fryer.

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Oil-free cooking
Oil-free fryers are designed to fry your food with very little oil. Frying food this way is much healthier, but also safer and simpler.
360º air circulation system
The fryer basket has been designed so that the hot air circulates in a spiral to cook your food evenly. This reduces the need to shake or toss your food while it is cooking.
Designer air fryer
With an angular viewer screen so you can keep an eye on your meals. Controlling and using the oil-free fryer is simple.
Capacity for 6 or 7 portions
With 6.2 L of cooking capacity, it fries food equivalent to 6 or 7 servings at a time without oil.
Practical, programmable and easy to use
You’ll be surprised by how easy this oil-free fryer is to use with its timer, stir remover, 8 automatic programmes and auto-off safety system.
Easy to clean
Both the container and the basket are dishwasher safe as they are easily removable. Just use a damp cloth to clean the rest of the air fryer.
Fryer Air Pro Large
Increase the possibilities of your Fryer Air Pro Large 6.2 L
BPA, PFOA and PTFE free accessory packs:
  • Cupcake mold: to make up to 7 units at a time, made of Ø210x42mm BPA-free food grade silicone for cooking.
  • Pizza crust: to make small pizzas. Dimensions Ø208mm
  • Roasting rack with skewers: 4 skewers to make shish kebabs. Dimensions Ø190mm
  • Baking pan: to make sponge cakes, bread, or if you prefer, different meats and fish. Dimensions Ø210x80mm
  • Trivet: so can place your creations on the table in complete safety. Dimensions Ø230mm
Access hundreds of recipes
In our online recipe book, which you can access from our App or website, you’ll find a wide variety of recipes that you can filter by: type of dish, diet, chef, type of food, ingredients, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities!

Fryer comparison

FRYER AIR - Oil-Free Fryer 1.5 L FRYER AIR PRO COMPACT - Oil-free fryer 3.5 L FRYER AIR PRO LARGE - Fryer without oil 6.2 L FRYER AIR GRILL - Oil-free fryer with grill 6.2 L
Power 900 W 1300W 1800W 1700W
Capacity 1.5 L 3.5 L 6.2 L 6.2 L
No. of people 1-2 3-4 6-7 6-7
Preset programmes - 8 8 8
Grill No No No Yes
360º air circulation system No Yes Yes No
Weight 2.7 Kg 3.5 Kg 4.8 Kg 6.2 Kg
Dimensions 257x211x276 mm 330x260x269 mm 387x319x303 mm 441x330x267 mm
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healthier food
The oil-free fryer is thought and designed to fry your food with hardly any oil. In this way, you can fry food in a much healthier way but also in a safer and easier way.

Designer Air Fryer
With an angular vision screen that allows you to handle it without losing sight of it at any time. In this way you can control and operate the oil-free fryer without complications.

large air fryer
With 6.2L of cooking capacity, fry food equivalent to 6 or 7 servings at a time without oil.

Practical, programmable and very easy to use
This oil-free fryer will surprise you with how easy it is to use, with a timer, a reminder buzzer to move food, 8 automatic programs and an auto-off safety system.

Cook better and healthier
The basket container has a specific design that causes the hot air from the fryer to circulate in a spiral and thus cooks the food evenly.

cleans easily
Both the container and its basket can be washed in the dishwasher, since its parts are easily removable. For the rest of the air fryer you only need a damp cloth and that's it.

Access hundreds of recipes
In our online recipe book, which you can access from our App or from the web, you can find a wide variety of recipes and you can filter them by type of dish, diet, by author, type of food, ingredients, etc. There are hundreds of possibilities!