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Teapot and kettle inspired by retro design that allows you to heat up to 1'7 liter of water in just 3 minutes. It has a security system that turns off the kettle in case of running out of water and is made with materials free of BPA and other toxins.

Available from 12/12/2022

Colour: Black & Natural Wood


£ 79.95

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£ 79.95
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Kettle Retro
Retro design in the English teapot style
Minimalist function and aesthetic, a 1.7L water boiler that heats up 1L in 3 minutes and 0.5L in just 2 minutes.
Kettle Retro
Resistant and durable materials such as stainless steel used for foodstuffs
This high quality material leaves no strange odours or tastes. This kettle is also BPA-free.
Kettle Retro
With an anti-calcium and anti-particles filtering system
Also includes an automatic switch-off safety system if it runs out of water. What's more, it has a cold touch handle and lid.
Kettle Retro
Its entire 70cm cable can be rolled up in its Ø190mm base
This way it occupies less space in your kitchen when you are not using it.
Kettle Retro
Complete your retro collection
Choose elements with the latest technology and vintage aesthetics to give personality to your home. Complete your retro collection with all the pieces you need to create a kitchen you can enjoy and feel good in.


Design: Its careful design and minimalist aesthetics of English style and retro inspiration, make it a kettle that you will want to have in your home.

Food grade stainless steel: This durable, high-quality material leaves no foreign odors or flavors.

Capacity: Tank with a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters.

Automatic shutdown in case of running out of water.

Free of BPA and other toxic materials.