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Electric mops

Electric mops achieve professional cleaning results on the floors in your home. Electric mops have many advantages over traditional cleaning products, such as greater sanitation and speed of cleaning, as they are ergonomic, easy to use and easy to store.
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Electric Mops

Manual mops are now a thing of the past with the emergence of electric mop. Technology now has a unique device that reduces your cleaning time significantly while improving the quality of work done. As the name suggests, an electric floor mop is powered by electricity to give a rapid cleaning motion that leaves your floors squeaky clean. Our catalogue comprises of some of the best electric mops for all kinds of users at affordable price points.

The Best Electric Mop

There are different kinds of electric mop depending on client preferences. Getting a suitable mop for its intended purpose is the first step towards taking care of your appliance. Our selection of mops and steam cleaners have been tried, tested and proven to provide good quality service to its users. The different types of mops are characterized by different working mechanisms and as such we have:

  • Steam Mops– These use steam in place of detergent to remove dirt and stains
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum – This is a two in one device with both mopping and vacuum options
  • Electric Spin Mop – It uses electricity and has bristles that rotate rapidly in a circular motion as the cleaning mechanism.
  • On-Demand Spray Mop– It is a regular electric mop with a water tank that enables the user to spray water when required by pressing a button
  • Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop – This is a wire-free mop that uses a rechargeable battery to operate
  • Power Scrubbers – This is a heavy-duty scrubbing mop suitable for any floor surface and removes all kinds of stains.

Why Choose an Electric Floor Mop?

People often ask why they should buy an electric mop at a slightly higher price point than the regular kind available in any convenience store. There are many advantages of using an electric mop over the usual ones that give the user better value for money. These include:

  • They are simple and easy to use
  • They get the cleaning job done faster with less strain as opposed to manual mops.
  • They come in a cordless electric mop variant that further improves convenience as they do not have the movement limitation associated with mops with cords.
  • An electric steam mop save the user extra detergent use as they solely rely on steam moisture to do the complete job.
  • They are reliable and efficient in removing dust, dirt particles, bacteria, and viruses from floor surfaces.

Where to Use an Electric Mop

There is no limitation as to where an electric mop can be used. They are suitable for domestic home use as well as workplaces and institutions. Depending on the intended place of service, we help our clients make the right choice of which type of electric mop would be ideal for them. For example, a cordless electric mop would work better in a large open space such as a banking hall than a corded alternative. An electric mop might also have different capacities that determine various working capacities of the mops. A more heavy-duty choice would work better in commercial spaces, whereas a basic option would be ideal for home use. Some mops also have additional features for users to consider, which offers them extra benefits over the basic electric mops. For example, odor-eliminating discs that remove all foul smells from the surfaces they clean.