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LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

High power

It has a single speed of 1000 RPM (revolutions per minute). This lets it efficiently remove lint and balls from clothing, leaving them clean and like new in no time.

LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

Ergonomic and easy to use

Its design has been carefully thought out to fit comfortably in your hands, allowing firm and precise handling and providing effortless access to specific areas. To add to that, with just the push of a button, the lint remover comes on and is ready to use

LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

Stainless steel blades

This means that the blades will retain their quality and sharpness over time, even when in contact with fabrics or fibres that can be abrasive.

LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

Great battery life and Micro-USB charging

It has a 45-minute battery life, so you can carry out multiple lint removal sessions without constantly having to stop to recharge it. Its practical and versatile charger uses a micro-USB port.

LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

It has a safety system

Its system is designed to guarantee your safety when cleaning or maintaining the lint remover. The blades will lock and immobilise when the lint remover is not being used, preventing any possibility of accident or injury.

LINT REMOVER - 5W Electric lint remover

Includes a cleaning brush

This accessory is specifically designed to make it easier and better to clean the lint remover after use.

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