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Meat slicers

The slicer is a trend in the kitchen of many households. With a Delicatessen slicer you cut and slice your cold cuts, sausages, meats, vegetables, cheese, etc. professionally and without leaving your kitchen. When you buy domestic slicers, you save money, time and always cut to your liking.

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Need help picking the right food slicer?

Guess what you could be looking at if you decided to use meat slicer in your kitchen – flawless, identical thin slices. You’ll look like a chef in your kitchen. With a slicer from our catalogue, your food preparation time will reduce, and every time you spend in the kitchen will gradually decrease, giving you more time to enjoy mouth-watering meals. Whether you’re preparing snacks for your small family or part of a feast for your barbecue backyard party, a food slicer will become an irreplaceable appliance.

Three secrets to maintaining an electric slicer

When you purchase your slicer, caring for it promotes its longevity. Here are three tips.

  1. Use protective gloves to clean the slicer, including the blade. Start from the centre towards outside of the edge to avoid cutting your fingers.
  2. Avoid placing the slicer in a dishwasher even though most are dishwasher safe.
  3. Wash, rinse, and sanitize before you leave the equipment to air dry.

Features of a food slicer

Are you looking for commercial or home slicing equipment? Then you need to consider some features:

  • An electric slicer runs on the motor. For it to slice your food, it needs to be powerful enough. Our slicers have been tested to determine whether their engine can promote precise cutting of ham, turkey, deli, fruits, meat, bread, cheese, and vegetable.
  • All our slicers are easy to clean as most are easy to disassemble and clean each part. Besides, these kitchen appliances are dishwasher safe to ease your work when it comes to cleaning.
  • Another thing that a must-have is a slice control knob. With this function, you can adjust the width of each slice from, for example, 5mm to 15mm. You can slice a paper-thin pepperoni to the right serving of roast beef and feel like a pro-chef when serving the meals.
  • The slicing blade is coated with the right element to prevent it from rusting from the food it slices and the water that cleans it. This ensures the longevity of your appliance, whether you use it every day or every other occasion.
  • We’ve also ensured to make appliances easy to maintain. Each box will come with manual instructions you can follow in the caring of that specific electric slicer. You also don’t have to worry about the machine sliding all over on your kitchen counter as they have stable stands. With these stands, your device can run without vibrating to the edge of your table. Are you afraid of the weight of your slicer? Worry not, our slicers are lightweight even though they are made from robust materials. You don’t have to worry about hurting your back when moving the slicer to and from your countertop.

Ready to order a meat slicer?

Pick a meat slicer that meets your family needs in our online store and let it be your little helper in your kitchen. Contact us for more information.