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Portable induction hob

Portable induction hobs cook just as fast and well as the fixed ones, and when you don't want to use it, you can easily store it away. A portable ceramic hob is a very useful and practical small appliance for a studio or second home, and is perfect for campervan camping kitchens.

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    The induction hob is one of the most important features of any modern kitchen. Thanks to the portable induction hob, the same qualities of kitchen-made food are available on the go. It is perfect for any kitchen, from homes to even large restaurants. A portable hob is practical, secure, looks great and is easy to handle.

    Portable Induction Hob Models

      There are different types of portable induction hobs depending on your needs and the space in your kitchen:
    • Mobile induction hobs with a single cooking zone, ideal for students or people on frequent trips.
    • Freestanding induction hobs with two cooking zones, perfect for small kitchens.
    • Induction hobs with four cooking zones which are intended for large spaces and are ideal for professionals.
    • Removable induction hobs equipped with three cooking zones which are reserved exclusively for large volume containers such as pressure cookers.
    • Detachable induction hobs fitted with an adjustable cooking zone allowing homogeneous cooking on the container area.

    Advantages of a Portable induction Hob

    Heat is transferred directly from the coil to cooking utensils placed on top. However, the hob's surface remains cool. Liquid and food placed on the plate do not burn and so cleaning is made much easier. A cool surface and the absence of flame means the cooking area is kept safe.

    Some hobs have the added benefit of an overflow prevention system which turns off the cooking area when liquid is on the control area. Some models will turn off automatically when left on for too long.

    Portable induction hobs are incredibly energy efficient. Heat is transferred directly onto the cooking plate with minimum loss elsewhere. This also means that meals are cooked quickly. 

    The portable induction cooktop also offers additional functionality such as adaptable cooking zones that can be combined to suit your needs. For example, one model has 8 independent inductors, controlled by an ingenious display system allowing them to be used separately and at the same time. This adaptability allows any chef to customise their kitchen to suit their needs, even on a dish-by-dish basis.

    Choosing an Induction Hob

    There are many different models of portable induction hob available on the market. Finding the perfect kitchen hob that suits your needs means asking questions about the requirements of functionality and use. The two key factors everyone needs to know about before purchasing a hob are heating speed and cooking capacity.

    While these features have the biggest impact on price, so too do bonuses like the automatic spill detection or the timer that switches it off when unattended. Professional chefs are advised to choose induction hobs that offer 3 to 4 cooking zones with as many additional functions as they may need. For those that find themselves travelling more frequently, the best model is the induction hob with a single cooking zone since this one offer the maximum portability.

    When looking for a portable induction cooktop, the best location is to head over to kitchen appliances and begin browsing. There are plenty of options available and there is bound to be something to suit chefs of every type and skill level. Have a look at our store!

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