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Shavers and barbers

Beard trimmers and electric shavers are the best option for the daily care and grooming of your beard and facial hair, depending on the area and type of hair, you should use one or the other device: Hair trimmer, beard trimmer, vacuum shaver, Skull shaver, etc.

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Ideally designed to hug and follow the curves of the face for a close shave, a beard trimmer provides security and ease of use and avoid cutting your skin in the process. Thanks to this device, you can shave your beard to the length you want thanks to the various settings making personal care the first daily step. 

Why to buy a Beard Trimmer?

Why choose a beard trimmer rather than using a safety razor? Because you deserve the best  for your face care. The electric beard trimmer offers several attributes that a simple razor cannot provide. Unlike a conventional razor, the trimmer has better efficiency, which will save you time during morning routines but will also prevent you from having to repeat the process several times to achieve a perfect shave. With the trimmer, a single pass is enough to give you the shave you need. Also, the design of the best beard trimmer has been customised to facilitate its use. Finely developed, the blades of the trimmer are designed to ensure the safety of its user, which will prevent cuts and injuries when you shave, without compromising the efficiency of the device. Finally, the automatic operation of the trimmer allows you to obtain a smooth and pleasant result for a well-trimmed beard, without spending a lot of time shaving. The beard trimmer grants:

  • A perfect shave every time thanks to the automatic blade
  • A fast and efficient shave
  • No risk of injury

How to Choose an electric Beard Trimmer?

The shaver is an essential device for any man wishing to take care of his beard. It is a lifelong device and should be chosen carefully because you will have to take into consideration your shaving needs as well as the budget that you wish to invest in the purchase of the device. The right balance between a cheap beard trimmer, but of quality and meeting the functions you need would be ideal. For this, remember to favour clippers with an adjustable cut that will allow you to adopt any shaving style for an impeccable beard. Also, the power of the device is important without forgetting its autonomy. Trimmers generally offer 2 types of power supply, those cordless with a rechargeable battery and those with a cord which plugs into the wall. The different functions of the device will also allow you to decide which model to choose. Some also have other functions that allow you to use the device for cutting your hair.

Using a Beard Trimmer on your Beard

The cheap and quality electric beard trimmer is a tool of choice for a man concerned about his appearance and forms a part of complete personal care packs. This device is simple to use, but nevertheless requires certain preliminary adjustments. Before shaving, you will need to set the desired length of the cut. Generally, the devices offer a cut between 0.6 mm to 16 mm thanks to guards or adjustable blades. Once this is defined, all you have to do is choose the speed of rotation of the blade which will determine the efficiency and the appearance of your beard after shaving. A quicker shave means choosing a faster speed.