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Bathroom Scales

The new bathroom scales not only measure weight, they are now bioimpedance scales that measure a multitude of parameters, they are accurate bathroom scales with connection via WiFi and APP, which can also record the progress and data of several users. Find your smart bathroom scales at CREATE.

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Advantages of bathroom scales

These days, people are taking different measures to take care of their bodies and monitoring their body weight is among them. Therefore, there are various advantages of having bathroom scales in our homes which include;

  • They are easy to use
  • Due to their small size they can easily fit anywhere
  • They give instant results

Most of these domestic scales are electronic. They display weight of an item or a mass as a number using the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). These scales are versatile because they can take weights of items or masses and transmit the measurements to other digital devices. These digital bathroom scales work by deforming the spring whose level of deformity is measured by a transducer which later transmits the measurements that displays on the scale. These scales have a strain gauge that is an electric conductor whose resistances changes as the length of the spring changes. Strain gauges are mostly used for domestic scales since they have a limited capacity.

Characteristics of a Bathroom scale

This is a scale that is used for domestic purposes and it is placed on the floor and a person stands on it. The weight or the measurement is displayed on the LED or the LCD display at the top.  More advanced devices have the capability of displaying not only weight of the person but also their BMI, the percentage of body fat, water ratio, lean mass as well as muscle mass. The ultra-modern scales are wirelessly connected to devices like smartphones, tablets or personal computers.  They can also be connected to cloud storage particularly for the purpose of tracking weight loss or weight gain. These devices are powered by button cells or batteries. Other than a digital bathroom scale, there are different types of scales which include analog and high tech bathroom scale.  The analog scale is the most basic unit and it operates on the spring mechanism. It features a large foot platform and it instantly displays the measurements which are easy to read. This type of scale does not require the use batteries to make it work.  Among the high-tech scales there are those designed with the capability of talking so as to help those who are visually impaired.

How to choose the Best bathroom scale? 

The best bathroom scale is that which displays accurate and consistent measurement of an item that is being weighed. The device would be a great addition especially for those looking to gain or lose weight. It would even be better if you can get a scale that not only give accurate measurements, but also give you accurate readings of your BMI and body fat percentage. This kind of devices are perfect for personal care purposes. 

There are several things you need to consider before purchasing a digital bathroom scale:

  • Design
  • Weight capacity
  • How easy it is to set it up