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Hair curlers

Express your personality and style the way you like by shaping your hair with the curling irons and hair curlers we offer at CREATE. Easy to use and ergonomic automatic hair curlers and hair curlers that help you shape your hair without damaging it.

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It used to be that one had visit a hair salon  if they wanted hair done in a special way for a special occasion. Today, you can change up your style as often you  like thanks to hair styling tools that are made for home use. A hair curling  iron is one such tool. With a curling iron, straight hair can be twirled into beautiful curls and curly hair can have curls that are more well-defined.

Choosing the right hair curling machine

When looking to buy a curler, all the different options can be confusing. The options available are: 

  • Ceramic irons: These maintain a constant temperature on the barrel which ensures they glide over hair smoothly. They heat fast and work for all types of hair. 
  • Tourmaline irons: These release negative ions that smooth the cuticle, eliminate frizz and make hair smooth and shiny. They are ideal for fine hair because they work well even at a low temperature.
  • Titanium irons: These hair curling irons are very lightweight and very durable. They heat fast, uniformly and can he heated to very high temperatures making them ideal for very coarse or thick hair. 
  • Combination irons: There are also irons that are made with a combination of metals. There are ceramic tourmaline irons and titanium tourmaline irons. The are made with two types of metals to combine the  best qualities of each.

Curling Iron: Options to consider

  • Curling wand or tongs:An important consideration to make is which particular type of curler you want to buy because it will determine the final result.  Curling tongs have a spring-loaded clamp that make them easier to handle. They give the result of uniform curls over the length of the hair.  Curling wands don't have a clamp so hair has to be twisted around the clamp manually. They don't leave kinks or creases and they create lovely curls without damaging the hair. They take some getting used to but the effort is worthwhile. There are conical and elliptical curling wands.

Another option is automatic curlers which automatically curl hair when it is put in the curler. They are fast and easy to use and they give beautiful, long-lasting curls. The last option is triple-barrel wavers. They work very well to create finger waves on long hair.

  • Size of curls: Another consideration you want to make is the size of curls that you want. Different barrel sizes give different kinds of curls. Smaller barrels are ideal for hair that is thin, short or of medium length. They give small curls which may be spiral locks or corkscrew curls. Bigger barrels are ideal for long and thick hair. They give big, bouncy curls. They are used to create the famous beach waves.

Other factors to consider when buying a Curling Iron

Once you decide which curlers you want, there are a few other factors  to consider before you go and make your purchase. These factors apply when you want to buy a hair straightener or a hair dryer. One is that your irons, hair straightener or dryer should be easy to use. It shouldn't be hard or take too long to use them.

Also, check that they heat up fast. Most of them are ready to go for in under a minute. The best ones also switch off automatically when they are idle for a minute or so which is very helpful in case they are forgotten. Also ensure that they come with a heat protective case which is handy for travelling. The cases can be purchased separately.

Lastly, as you take charge of curling your own hair, don't fail to take protective measures as a salon would have done. As your personal care appliances, buy quality hair products as well. For instance, personal care packs such as heat styling protection sprays and finishing products like hair gloss or spritz. They will hold your curls in place for longer.

We also encourage you to enjoy that moment of self-care while listening to your favourite songs in vinyl record format. The best plan!