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Ceiling fans without light

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Ceiling fans without light

Regardless of the weather, ceiling fans are an important aspect of every home. Some times you need to cool your home while at other times, you would appreciate a little more warmth indoors. To regulate your indoor air and temperature, you would definitely need a reliable ceiling fan, with or without light. For the best results, you may want to pair the fan with efficient ventilators. We offer a wide range of ceiling fans and ventilators to keep you comfortable in every season. Turn your home into the best place to be by buying and installing the right fans and ventilators. Your indoors should be the most welcoming place for your family and visitors.

Why you need ceiling fans without light

You need a fan with both cooling and heating options in your home. These fans will be enough to see you through the whole year, cooling your indoor air during those hot summers, and warming it up during the chilly winters. Operating these fans isn’t exactly rocket science. Set to “Forward” and cool air will circulate throughout your indoor spaces. Switching to “Reverse” sends a breeze of warm air across the room, creating a cozy environment in your home. And you get to save about 30% of your heating costs too if you get a fan that combines both functions.

Installing ceiling fans

Installing ceiling fans without light requires proper planning to avoid complications later. First, your ceiling fan without light should be connected to a direct source of electricity. This means that you have to install it at that position on the ceiling that is close to the power outlet. That extension with a long cable may not be useful in this case. You also have to ensure that your ceiling can accommodate the weight of the ceiling fans with lights or without lights. The last thing you want is your ceiling caving in because you would incur hefty expenses repairing the ceiling, and any other item damaged in the process.

Consider choosing ceiling fans with remote control

For some flexibility and ease of operation, you would consider purchasing ceiling fans with remote control functionality. The remote control would enable you to adjust the settings and functions of the fans without necessarily getting off the couch. Sometimes you are just not in the mood to shuffle from one end of the room to the other to switch the fan on or off, especially if you are using it in conjunction with the winter ventilation. A remote control makes things easier for you such that you can even control your ceiling fans from the comfort of your bed or study room. You could even let younger members of the family do it for you since all you need to do is to show them the buttons to press.

Do they run quietly?

We offer the best ceiling fans can run quietly and you would never have o switch them off to hold an intimate conversation with your significant other. In fact, you can tell if the fan you have purchased is high quality by listening to the noise it produces when in operation. A top-notch ceiling fan shouldn’t emit any noises in your rooms – they should run silently. The only sound you should hear is the soft swoosh produced as the blades turning blades churn air across the room. However, you may need to take the following precautions for your safety:

  • Cover yourself with a warm blanket to avoid catching a chill when the ceiling fans are on.
  • If you install fans in your bedroom, be sure not to expose yourself too much to the draughts.
  • Always ensure you purchase the right ceiling fan for your home, considering the size of your rooms.