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New microwave HW800-GRILL, designed to provide effective solutions to your daily kitchen needs. A microwave with grill of unlimited functionality that incorporates QuarkTRON microwave technology, choose between: power levels, multi-frequency cooking, pre-programmed menus, ceramic lining inside easy to clean, self-ignition, defrost, etc. Combine the Grill with the microwave to mimic the function of an oven in record time and you will have perfectly golden and gratin foods. In addition, its non-stick ceramic inner lining makes cleaning easier and prevents the mixing of odors and flavors.

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The total microwave: HW800-Grill by IKOHS. With the most modern features and functionalities offered by the QuarkTron microwave technology. Thought and designed to make your life easier and offer you multiple solutions in your daily kitchen. Like its preprogrammed menus to cook or perfectly heat dishes such as: potatoes, vegetables, prepared dishes, broths and liquids, rice, popcorn or pizza. In addition, with the multifrequency cooking system the microwave HW800-Grill knows how much heat and time to contribute depending on each type of food and its weight.

The microwave HW800-GRILL cooks all your dishes in a healthy, fast and homogeneous way, so they retain all their flavor and nutrients. Manufactured with top quality materials, such as its low porosity antibacterial ceramic coating that makes it easy to clean and prevents mixing of flavors and odors. And not only that, in IKOHS we have microwaved with a careful design to give a modern and avant-garde look to your kitchen.