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Aroma diffuser and LED lamp with 7 soft colors that also humidifies your rooms. It creates a relaxed atmosphere with the benefits of aromatherapy. With its nature-inspired design, this small aroma diffuser emits a soft mist of cool vapor with moisturizing and aromatherapy properties, which significantly improves the relative humidity of the environment.


Aromatises spaces from 20m² to 40m², providing the benefits of aromatherapy and creating a perfect environment to relax.

Humidifies up to 70ml / h generating a soft mist which, little by little, increases the level of relative humidity in the room where you place it.

Illuminates softly from its 7 colors of LED lights, this soft and decorative lighting helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Timer for 1h, 3h or 10h of continuous use . With empty tank alarm system and automatic shutdown system in the event of a water leak.

It has 3 operating modes: Light + Humidifier, only light or only humidifier, all of them in silent mode (max: 35dB).