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A lightweight and foldable dryer so you can take care of your hair wherever you go , leaving it healthy and shiny without punishing it by excess heat. Compact, ergonomic and very easy to use, it has been specifically designed to dry your hair without frizzing, damaging or burning it.


Protects hair against excess heat : Negative ions protect against excessive heat and the electrostatic charge of the hair. The ionizer of the dryer reduces the water molecules, causing them to evaporate earlier with lower temperatures. Even more remarkable results on fine hair

Constant temperature : Like a honeycomb, its hexagonal ceramic cells distribute hot air homogeneously, avoiding heat peaks that can damage the hair

Protects the scalp and roots : With its ceramic heater with low intensity infrared technology

Portable : Less than half a kilo in weight, small in size (measures 160 * 76 * 127mm) and with a folding handle.

2 heat modes and 1 cool air mode.

Easy to use : With the push of a button you can control its temperature and speed.

Extra long cord for freedom of movement.

Resistant and durable : Its copper DC motor improves power and minimizes electrical consumption, suffering less wear.