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Electric and cordless lint remover. Take care of and protect the fabrics of your favorite garments so that they always look like new. Its floating cyclonic-effect blades, which rotate up to 10,000rpm , shave the surface of clothing without damaging it, absorbing small balls of lint and filaments into its removable head. Easily empties in seconds and ready for next use.


Electric lint remover for Getting your favorite clothes back to their original look will only take a few minutes. Glide it gently on the surface of the garment to be treated and you will obtain an immediate result.

It does not damage clothes, you can use it as many times as you think necessary. It effectively removes the small balls that form on clothing after regular and daily use.

Its operation is simple: blades shave the surface of the clothes while a mini vacuum cleaner with a cyclonic effect absorbs all the lint.

Ultra-compact mini design , it is perfect to be able to always carry it with you, store it in an office or work center drawer and use it whenever you need it thanks to its rechargeable battery and USB plug cable .