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Heat any room in your home quickly with the HEATWIF convection heater by IKOHS. With a totally exclusive, modern and elegant design, the HEATWIF is the perfect electric radiator heater for your home. It has three operating modes, a timer you can set up to 24 hours ahead, temperature settings up to 35°C and two safety systems for your peace of mind: it turns off automatically if it overheats or falls over. Plus, thanks to its smart thermostat, the HEATWIF consumes less energy once the desired temperature is reached. Its size and light weight let you move it to any room in the house, so you can get the warmth and comfort you prefer.


The new HEATWIF convection heater, with a modern, advanced ultra-thin design, is slim and light but has all the instant heating power of 2000W, regulated by a smart thermostat which switches off when the desired temperature is reached, significantly reducing power consumption.

Thanks to its size and its super-slim profile, it will be very easy for you to move it wherever you need to heat a room quickly. With three operating modes, including a normal fan mode, you can adjust the temperature settings and the timer to suit you perfectly.

The base has feet designed specifically for stability, but it also has a double safety system: it turns off automatically if knocked over, and if it overheats it will also turn off and show a warning light.