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Quick & Easy Food Prep with a Slow Cooker

When it comes to meal prep, slow cookers have many benefits. They are among the most popular kitchen appliances in the UK and are great for anyone who is super busy and wants to keep their meal prep efficient. They are designed to be left on throughout the day and cook slowly at a low temperature over a long period. Cooking cuts of meats over an 8 hour period or more, for example, means that they are super tender and delicious when cooked, while stews and curries made with one of the appliances tend to be very flavourful as the ingredients and herbs have a lot of time to develop. Anyone who enjoys batch cooking and preparing for the days ahead will appreciate one of these devices, as they let you prepare a large amount of a dish at once.

What to take into account when buying a Slow Cooker?

There are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing a new slow cooker online. There are both standard and digital models available. Standard models generally have 2 heat settings, low and high. Some may also have a function that simply keeps food warm. Digital models tend to be equipped with a timer, so you can set the cooking time as needed. More advanced digital models may also have an LED display. The shape of the pot is also important to consider: round models are suitable for preparing stews and curries, whereas oval-shaped ones are designed for cooking the likes of roast chicken.

Tyes of Slow Cookers

Cheap slow cookers range in size and the best option depends on how many people you will be cooking for. Small models with a 3.5 L capacity are ideal for preparing meals for 1 or 2 people, whereas a family household of 4 - 5 people would need a 6 L capacity model or larger. kers are designed to be left on throughout the day and function at a very low temperature.

Main features of Slow Cookers

If you want to buy slow cookers online, there are a few handy features that are worth looking out for. These do not appear on all devices, but can be very useful to have.

  • Cool touch handles
  • Digital timer
  • Sear & stew function
  • Glass lid
  • Removable pot

Cool touch handles and non-slip feet make the appliance that bit safer and easier to work with. A timer feature will let you set start times and end times, so you can pop everything into the pot in the morning and come home to a delicious, hot dinner in the evening. A glass lid will let you see the contents of the cooker as they are cooking.

Buy Slow Cookers Online

There is an excellent selection of cheap slow cookers available to choose from. Other popular appliances include multi-cookers, which cook food quickly and at high temperatures. Multi cookers also don't need supervision while cooking and hep minimise the time required in the kitchen. Appliances such as these are hugely popular in the UK as they offer a healthier and more economical alternative to microwaved food plus, offer huge time-saving benefits. Simply pop all the ingredients inside in the morning, switch the unit on and it will have a home cooked meal ready for you in the evening.