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Automatic popcorn machine in retro style. In just three minutes you can enjoy the unmistakable flavor of freshly made popcorn, without the need for fats or oils.

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£ 42.95
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Popcorn Maker
Very easy to use
Add up to 80g per batch and get fresh popcorn in three minutes.
Popcorn Maker
No oils or fats
Just add the kernels and make your popcorn automatically. Easy to clean and store after use.
Popcorn Maker
Safety system
Make popcorn waiting 10 min between batches. It has an overheating safety system.


Very easy to use: enter up to 80g per batch and get real freshly made popcorn in 3min.

POPCORN MAKER does not need you to add oils or fats, it only introduces the grains and quickly automatically elaborates your popcorn. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean and store after use.

With a compact retro-style design that mimics the 1950s POPCORN MAKER, you can make popcorn by waiting 10 min between each batch, but for added security, it has an overheat safety system.