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Hot air fryer without oil and with programmable WiFi connectivity through our APP. You can put it to cook remotely, even before you get home. With 5.5L capacity, you get dishes that are just as tasty and crunchy, but in a much healthier way, without oils or fats. Plus, this oil-free air fryer already comes with 12 pre-installed recipes, LCD touch screen.

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Airfryer Smart Pro
Wi-Fi connectivity
Programme the exact start time, choose the pre-set mode or programme, the manual configuration mode or turn it off.
Airfryer Smart Pro
Healthy cooking
Free of substances like BPA and PFOA. Cooking with the assurance that this is a product designed to eat much more healthily and without excessive fats.
Airfryer Smart Pro
Hot air technology
You can bake or fry without oil or with just a tiny amount. Achieve equally tasty and crunchy results.
Airfryer Smart Pro
XL capacity
5.5L basket, you will be able to make up to 800g of chips at once without getting anything dirty and without filling the kitchen with smoke.
Airfryer Smart Pro
Powerful and safe
Works from 80°C to 200°C. Turns off automatically when overheated, warning alarm when food is ready and non-slip base.
Airfryer Smart Pro
Easy to clean
Because both the basket and its container drawer can be taken out with a single click.
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WiFi connectivity so that you can: program the exact start time, choose the preset mode/recipe, manual mode of your own configuration and turn it off.

XL capacity , with a 5.5L basket you can make up to 800g of potato chips in a single batch without making a mess, without filling the kitchen with smoke.

Hot air technology , works as if it were a small oven, so you can bake or fry without oil, or with just a brush stroke, and achieve equally tasty and crunchy results.

With timer from 1 to 30 minutes and Fast Heating mode. There are many kitchen options that this hot air fryer offers you to prepare an infinite number of recipes.

12 pre-installed recipes: Fish, Pie, Large Chicken Thigh, French Fries, Bacon, Roast, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Bread Veggies and Extra Keep Warm Mode.

Easy to clean , since both its basket and its container drawer are removable with just one click. Also, you can wash these pieces in the dishwasher if you prefer.

Healthy cooking , the fryer is free of substances such as BPA and PFOA, so you can cook with the peace of mind of a product designed to eat much healthier.

Powerful and safe, it works with temperatures from 80 ° C to 200 ° C and with an auto-shutdown system due to overheating, it has a warning bell when the food is ready and a non-slip base.