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Introducing KURLINE USB, the new and advanced curling iron from IKOHS. Curl and wave your hair with this new USB wireless curler, which can also serve as a power bank for your mobile devices. With its Smart TC temperature control system, you can get spectacular curls and loops in just minutes. Thanks to its demensions, ergonomic and wireless design, Tourmaline Ceramic coating and choice of curl direction, your curls will always be perfect without damaging your hair. With 5 adjustable temperature levels from 150 to 200 degrees, KURLINE USB is a versatile curler and perfect to carry with you and use at all times.


KURLINE is the most innovative automatic hair curler and curling iron on the market, both for its design and handling and for its versatility, since in addition to curling and waving your hair, it can serve as an energy bank to charge or be charged by mobile devices.

With Smart Control Temperature, timer, 5 curly temperature levels, 5 adjustable speeds, curl direction selector, in short, an almost perfect hair curler.

Insert a strand of hair into the slot, select the speed and temperature of curling and in a few seconds you will get a spectacular curling that will remain perfect throughout the day.

It is also light and portable, it works without cables so its use is even better, it has an autonomy of 80 minutes running at 180°, you can take it to the office, to the gym, or in your leisure moments and always fix your curls whenever you need it.

But the best of all may be its curling cylinder. It is coated with Tourmaline, a mineral and millenary gemstone of which its pyroelectric properties are known when heated as it acquires an additional charge of negative ions.

This ionizing property of Tourmaline offers greater protection against excessive heat and reduction of the electrostatic charge of the hair, thus preventing the curl from getting frizzy and deforming, maintaining its volume, shape and elasticity for longer.