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Electric double juicer that cuts, squeezes and extracts all the fruit juice. It has an integrated blade in the upper lid and a double squeezer cone that allows you to prepare juices much faster and cleaner.


Effortlessly squeeze citrus fruits of any size thanks to its integrated blade in the lid and its double squeezer cone , which also help you prepare your juices faster and cleaner.

Practical: It incorporates a 500 ml tank and a pulp filter to be able to prepare a larger quantity of juice without residue.

Safe: Non-slip base with a cable storage compartment to prevent accidents and save space.

Easy to use: You just have to introduce the citrus you want to squeeze and lower the lid so that its blade cuts it in half and then squeezes it without extra effort.

Easy to clean: The seeds and the thickest pulp are collected in the squeezing cones. All non-electrical parts are dishwasher safe.