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Window insulation kit to prevent the return of hot air from the portable air conditioner. Easy to install, it achieves greater energy efficiency of our appliance and optimal air conditioning.

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Sealing and insulation: It keeps the exit through the window of the hot air generated by all air conditioners sealed. It prevents the return of that hot air or the entry of insects, dust or dirt.

Increased Efficiency: This achieves an interior climate control in optimal conditions. The air inside our room is kept perfectly heated, fresh and clean.

Easy assembly and disassembly: It is installed very easily, without the need to drill holes or use certain tools, it also adapts more stably to the air extraction tube.

Waterproof: It can remain installed even on rainy days, it prevents the entry of moisture, dust and pollen or small insects such as mosquitoes.

Valid for all portable air conditioning models with hot air extraction tube for windows. It cannot be mounted on sliding windows or doors. Dimensions: the bag 400x300cm, the sealing cloth, 400x40cm and finally the sealing tape 800x1.5cm.