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Vacuum razor for cutting, shaping or shaving a beard and mustache while vacuuming, making the shaving process easier. Fast, comfortable and, above all, clean. With a 10-level adjustable head, it sucks 90% of the hair while trimming.

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Cuts and vacuums at the same time. Thanks to an integrated suction system that sucks 90% of the cut hair, achieving professional barbering results.

With washable blades made of Titanium, they are double sharpened to shave with more precision. Its head, adjustable in 10 levels and a cutting height between 1.5 and 16 mm.

It can work with or without cable, with an autonomy of up to 60 minutes , its LED indicator confirms when it will be necessary to recharge its 700mAh Li-Ion battery.

It includes a complete cleaning set consisting of a comb, scissors and lubricating oil to extend the precision and optimal operation of your blades.