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Discover the novel way to eliminate mosquitoes and other annoying insects, with the new BUZZKILL mosquito lamp from IKOHS. No chemicals, no radiation, no fumes or odors, and extremely quiet. BUZZKILL emits an ultraviolet light wavelength of 365 nanometers, towards which mosquitoes are attracted and which is imperceptible and harmless to humans and pets. Once attracted to the light, its ultra-quiet 360° vortex fan will absorb the mosquitoes into the BUZZKILL where they will be trapped. With two modes of light, night and day, BUZZKILLL is super quiet and dim so you don't even notice while protecting the whole family from mosquitoes. A technological revolution designed by IKOHS to take care of you and yours.


BUZKILL is an anti-mosquito lamp that works with the latest technology of emission of ultraviolet light waves of 365 nanometers. This frequency is irresistible to the family of mosquitoes, both common and tiger. Unlike the repellents and chemicals commonly used, this frequency is imperceptible and safe for people or animals that live in the home.

Once attracted to the light, a small ultra-quiet suction fan absorbs insects into the BUZKILL, where they get trapped without the possibility of exit. It has two modes of operation: day / night, which emit different frequencies of ultraviolet light so you can use it at any time even with the windows open.

With an innovative design and compact dimensions, the IKOHS mosquito trap lamp protects your home and your family in a more sustainable way and respects your environment.