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New tempered glass convection heater by IKOHS, the perfect heating solution that unites design and technology to meet the needs of your home. A jewel of design: clean heating, without smoke or gas, without noise, so that you can enjoy the warmth of home in total peace. Total control via Wifi-APP, set its thermostat 24 hours a day in any of its 2 powers, in addition with its security systems you will only feel the warmth of tranquility that EVERWARM GPH2000 brings to your home. Made of resistant, durable and high quality materials, you can place it on its base or on its wall support wherever you need and thus quickly obtain the comfort temperature you need at home.

Colour: White

Accessory: With wheels

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With the WIFI-APP and a modern and elegant design, this high resistance tempered glass heater is designed with all the details in mind. Decorate and heat your home quickly and efficiently with this radiant tempered glass heater by IKOHS.

It will look perfect on the floor or hung on its wall bracket, thanks to the remote control and its Wifi-APP connectivity, you can control it remotely without complications, even when you are out.

Its new generation aluminum heating system allows it to heat efficiently without emitting any noise, smell, gas or smoke, which makes it the design heating of the future. A clean heat that creates home.

Its LED touch screen has a simple interface with which you can set the heater intuitively, it includes an indicator of the ambient temperature (5 ° -50 °) connected to a sensor that precisely optimizes the operation of the thermostat for greater energy saving.

It has several safety systems, a double sensor against overheating, a frost-protected thermostat, and an anti-condensation system. In addition, its IP24 protection index allows you to take it to the bathroom as it is protected against splashes.

Enjoy a warm and heated home. With 2 adjustable heating powers and a timer of up to 24 hours, also programmable remotely, the heating of your home is guaranteed whenever you need it so that you only feel the heat of tranquility.