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Smart bioimpedance bathroom scale that accurately measures and records 12 body parameters. Control and record the parameters and their evolution, through Bluetooth and our app compatible with Android and IOS.


Connect via Bluetooth: Now you can connect your smart bathroom scale to its app via Bluetooth, so you can follow the evolution of the Bio-parameters from your mobile device.

12 bio-body parameters: Weight, body mass index, fat-free body weight, body fat, water level, muscle mass, calorie, visceral fat, protein, bone content, body shape and bone age.

The APP can memorize the biometrics of up to 24 users , including babies, measuring and controlling the evolution of their growth parameters. Memorize the history of the measurement, providing values and graphs.

It turns on with just a touch or by stepping on the scale directly, displaying your weight accurately on its LED display, it turns off by itself when you finish.

Made of high security tempered glass . Supports up to 180kg of weight.

3 AAA 1.5V batteries and a tape measure included.