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PRO Wellness from IKOHS. The new 12-parameter bio-body precision scale, calibrated with System HealthTech personal care wellness technology, can memorize biometrics of up to 10 users. Take care of your health with IKOHS Wellness Technology.


- Pro Wellness bathroom scale can memorize the biometrics of up to 10 users individually from its 4 Advanced DUAL BIA measurement sensors.

- Functional and easy to use thanks to its LCD display and its light and flat design.

- Modern and futuristic, it is made of ultra-resistant materials such as its secure tempered glass, which supports up to 180kg in weight .

- Its small legs allow a non-slip grip during use, it also includes a measuring tape to control the evolution of your body changes.

- It's practical, reliable and durable , you can use it whenever you need, to maintain accurate control of your biometric evolution.