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Barbecue grill that you can use indoors or outdoors in a clean, safe and smoke-free way. It reaches up to 850 ° thanks to an infrared ceramic heating element to be more efficient without transmitting heat outside the grill. Perfectly roast meats, vegetables and fish at the desired point. Both the grill and its utensils are made of premium stainless steel.


Powerful: 1600W Grill to quickly reach 0 ° C to 850 ° C and roast food in the best possible way.

Practical and clean: 6 levels for cooking without combustion fumes, its interior and its grill and fat tray are very easy to clean after use.

Safe: Thanks to the ceramic infrared heater and the heat circulation system, its outer body does not burn. It also includes a safety system for overheating.

Stainless Steel: Both the body and the utensils and accessories are made of stainless steel. Resistant to corrosion and the pass of time, correct maintenance guarantees exceptional durability.