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Purifier, humidifier and fan in one device. Its 7-stage multiple filtration with HEPA H13 filter is optimal for filtering dust, pollen, bad odors and harmful volatile substances from the air. It also purifies the air by eliminating germs such as viruses, fungi, and bacteria. It has an ionizing function, is very quiet and is very suitable for interior rooms of up to 40m². With Wifi connectivity and Tuya APP.

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Powerful: Purifier and fan in a single 80W power unit with an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel to program all its parameters.

Its particulate CADR (Clean Air Production Rate) can reach 320m³ / h and negative ion concentration of up to 20 million per square centimeter.

Pure Air from its 7-stage multiple filtration : Composite filter (Aluminum Pre-filter, catalyst, activated carbon, HEPA H13) + Negative ion ionizer and UV ultraviolet light.

Smart and easy to use: Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity and the APP you can easily manage it from your mobile. In addition, its screen has indicators of speed, air quality, level of PM 2.5 particles and filter change notice.

Recommended for home rooms of up to 40m² , extremely silent, only 44dB at maximum power and has a night mode (sleep). Programmable up to 12h and with a child safety lock.

Ideal for allergy sufferers , as it significantly reduces the symptoms of allergy to pollen, mites and dust.

It is portable , thanks to its 1.8m long cable you can install it anywhere in your home with total comfort.