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Optimal for purifying the air in rooms and medium rooms. Breathe pure, clean air and free of harmful substances, filters 99.7% of germs, spores, pollen and mites. With a triple stage filtration system, it also ionizes the air while filtering it, thus helping to further improve the quality of the air we breathe inside the home.

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Triple stage filtration and purification system:
- Pre-filtered to remove dust, spores, mites and environmental dirt.
- HEPA filter that manages to eliminate 99.7% of harmful substances of only 0.3 microns, in addition to germs, spores, pollen and mites.
- Activated carbon filter that eliminates bad odors and traps volatile organic compounds such as methane, solvents and other VOCs present in the atmosphere.

Generates negative ions: With an Ionizer that releases up to 3,000,000 ions per cm³, improving the well-being of the respiratory system and the purity of the air in your home.

Powerful and ultra-quiet: Its ultra-quiet and efficient DC motor generates a clean air rate of 100m³ / h, ideal for medium-sized rooms.

Compact and functional design: Medium in size, it has adjustable speed in 3 levels,  intelligent filter change indicator. In addition, it is very light so that you can change your stay in total comfort.