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Small, portable, ultra-quiet, with a nice and neat retro design. These are just some of the features of the AIR COOLER BOX STUDIO , the new table air conditioner . This small portable air conditioner is also a fan, humidifier and purifier of the environment and the air you breathe, generates a pleasant sensation of freshness at the moment and is more respectful with the environment since it works without using refrigerant gases.


Perfect for your desk: With a USB type cable, it is perfect to individually enjoy a healthier air conditioning, since it does not need gases to work, so you can always have it on your office or study table.

Practical and very easy to use: Thanks to its LCD Touch panel you can comfortably regulate its 8h timer and its 3 speeds.

Design and functional: Careful design with a straight appearance, it has a USB cable, so you can connect it to your computer or power bank. Reduce the ambient temperature of your desk by between 2º and 3 ° thanks to its self-evaporative system.

It has a 400ml tank for water, in which you can add a couple of drops of essences and small ice cubes, a removable filter system and a sink for the air conditioning outlet.