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Electric fryers for your kitchen

A fryer is one of the essential kitchen appliances which is mostly used to fry food like chicken, french fries, different vegetables, cheeses different cuts of meat breads and some cheeses. For those that love fried food, then this device becomes an essential item in their kitchens. There are different types of fryers that one can get the market currently which include;

  • Electric powered
  • Propane powered
  • Those that use air an minimal air

Electric Fryers to prepare delicious recipes

These kitchen appliances are the most common kitchen appliances that one is likely to come across in the market. They are mostly used indoors and are much safer to use than their propane counter parts. These devices come in different sizes ranging from small ones which are mostly meant for domestic use to larger ones that are mostly used in a commercial set up. Electric fryers are a great addition to kitchens and they pack a lot of benefits which include;

  • They can be used indoors
  • They are safer than the propane powered ones
  • They come in different sizes which makes it easy to fry smaller foods like finger foods.

Types of fryers

Propane powered

This sort of kitchen apparatuses are well known among home culinary specialists since they produce crispier and more delectable food. They have a hose that has a controller to control the measure of gas. The majority of these gadgets arrive in an assortment of plans and designs going from pot fryers to multi pot models that permit you to sear various sorts of nourishments simultaneously. They likewise come in littler sizes implied for little kitchen ledges to bigger ones that can be put on floors which are for the most part utilized in business kitchens. Anyway clients need to remember this before getting these gadgets;

  • They can be dangerous if proper precautions are not put in place
  • They must be used in an outdoor setting
  • Consider where to store the propane tank and refilling

Air powered

Air fryers are kitchen appliances that cook food by circulating hot air around producing food that is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. This kitchen appliance is fitted with a mechanical fan which helps to circulate air within the device. Since they use less oil than their propane and electric deep counter parts, they are considers healthier and safer. In addition to that, the user will not be left with left over oil as it is with other conventional types. This device uses only a tablespoon of oil and cooks food in less than half an hour. Some of the benefits of using this kitchen appliance include;

  • It is healthier to use compared to the conventional counterparts
  • Easier to clean
  • No left over grease

Additional things to keep in mind before getting this kitchen device:

  • Works better on some types of food than others
  • Foods are not actually fried

Factors to consider before buying a fryer

There are a wide range of fryers and there are several factors that need tobe considered before purchasing one which includes;

  • Capacity
  • Types of use
  • Ease of usage and cleaning
  • Safety
  • Time it takes to heat up