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FRIDGE MINIBAR 43L - Reversible door fridge


43L fridge perfect for refrigerating drinks and food that you always want to have on hand, fresh and in perfect condition.

FRIDGE MINIBAR 43L - Reversible door fridge


Its door is reversible hinge, so you can put it to the left or right according to your needs, so you can install it where it suits you best without worrying about the side to open it.

FRIDGE MINIBAR 43L - Reversible door fridge

Efficient and low consumption

With a temperature range between 0 ° and 10 °, it uses only 13g of R600a refrigerant gas, an environmentally friendly gas since it does not damage the ozone layer. Its energy class is F, with an average consumption of 84kWh per year.

The European regulations on energy efficiency rating of household appliances have changed. This does not mean that the product you purchased is different in its electricity consumption, but that the labelling has changed to its current equivalent, adapting to the new rating levels.

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