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  • Sleep well to live well

    Our ceiling fans make your rest a reality.

    Sleep well to live well
  • Less consumption, more sustainable

    • Saves in electricity costs
    • Doesn’t emit polluting gases
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Less environmental impact
    • Summer/winter function
    Less consumption, more sustainable


WIND STYLANCE - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Winter / summer function

The key aspect is in the rotation of the blades, they cool in one direction and they distribute the heat in the other. Therefore, the winter function spreads the heating warmth accumulated on the ceiling. On the other hand, the summer function moves fresh air upwards, cooling the room. Both functions allow you to save energy and obtain greater energy efficiency.

WIND STYLANCE - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Control it from your phone

If you choose the Wi-Fi option you’ll get a SMART fan. That means you’ll able to able to control it and programme it from your phone from anywhere thanks to our Create app.

WIND STYLANCE - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Wall control

If you choose this option, you can place the control on any wall in the room and control your fan without having to use the remote control.

WIND STYLANCE - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

LED light with 3 temperatures

You can choose to buy the fan featuring a 15W LED light with 3 temperatures: warm, cold and neutral. That way you’ll create the environment you like most. The light intensity is not adjustable.

WIND STYLANCE - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm


You can programme it from 1 to 4 hours thanks to its timer and it will turn off automatically once the selected time has passed. Additionally, all the models have a remote control.

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