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Electric corkscrews

Electric corkscrews or electric wine openers have the advantage of being designed to make it as easy as possible for you to uncork a bottle of wine. Quick, easy to use, with no need to apply force, an electric corkscrew always achieves a perfect uncorking, without any effort, and in just a few seconds.

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Electric Corkscrews

There are many types of kitchen devices on the market that are designed to make day-to-day life a little bit easier. Whether it's opening tins, mixing food or indeed, opening wine - a crucial task in modern day life! And this is where an electric corkscrew comes in. When the weekend rolls around and it's time to pop open a bottle or two of vino, a battery-powered or electric wine opener can get the job done quickly and easily. Anyone who struggles with traditional corkscrews or who has experienced the classic, half-corked bottle dilemma would appreciate one of these nifty devices. They are also very handy for the likes of dinner parties, where multiple bottles may be opened in an evening.

Designed for opening corked bottles of wine, an automatic wine opener is very easy to use. They are generally equipped with a non-stick spiral to ensure no cork pieces are left behind in the wine, and many also come with a foil cutter that lets you remove any foil wrapping before popping out the cork. Models that have a foil cutter included tend to be a little more expensive, but are worth the extra cost.

How to Use an Electric Corkscrew

Automatic wine openers have a cordless design, making them super convenient and quick to use. To use, simply place the device over the top of the bottle, press a button, and the mechanism will do all the work to remove the cork and pop the bottle open. Some models may require batteries, for example, 4 x AAA batteries, while others have an internal battery. If you opt for a rechargeable model, it is worth checking the battery life before making a purchase.

Features of an Electric Wine Opener

If you are looking for an automatic wine bottle opener online, there is plenty to choose from. Electric corkscrews that are rechargeable come with a rechargeable battery and charger included. At our online store, you can browse a wide range of models at various price points. Features to look out for include the following:

  • Foil cutter included
  • Non-stick cork spiral
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel spiral

An electric wine opener will be pricier than a traditional bottle opener or corkscrew, but would be a great investment for any wine lover. Many models have an elegant, modern design and make a stylish addition to any home bar or drinks cabinet. Note that some cordless corkscrews are designed more so for commercial use. These tend to be more expensive, have a sturdy design and a longer battery life. Devices for domestic use are also available and are ideal for home use.

Kitchen Appliances

Shopping online for kitchen appliances is a great way to browse the array of products available and find the model that best suits your needs and at the best price. Wine lovers may also enjoy having wine cooler at home, in particular for summer months where a glass of crisp chardonnay in the garden may be called for.