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Wine coolers

Wine coolers are ideal for storing and preserving your wines. Small wine coolers fridge, medium wine coolers or large wine coolers, these wine coolers control the humidity, light and temperature conditions avoiding sudden changes. When you buy wine coolers for your home, you are ensuring that your best wines are properly maintained for when they are uncorked.

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Why buy a wine cooler?

Are you a wine lover like so many of us these days? Whether you enjoy the odd glass with dinner or like to show off your expertise when entertaining friends and family, then a wine cooler fridgeis essential.

We have a range that includes compact small wine fridges that hold up to 8 bottles of your favourite wines as well as medium wine fridges 12 bottle fridges and large wine fridges with room for as many as 16 bottles.

It makes sense to invest in larger quantities of your preferred wines whether that's classic champagne, a refreshing white burgundy or a fragrant sauvignon blanc. Not only do you benefit from discounts when buying in bulk from most reputable vintners, but you're also always ready with the perfectly chilled bottle for any occasion or when guests arrive unexpectedly.

Characteristics of wine fridges

Most of our specially designed wine coolers are made of metal and glass, although some have shelving made of high-quality wood.

Often, you'll find that interior shelves are slightly tilted. This is to provide your wine with the optimum conditions required for longevity, freshness and stability. Plus you don't need to constantly turn bottles as you would have in the past.

Furthermore, the interior LED lighting that illuminates your exquisitely designed cooler never has the blue tones that can alter and destroy the delicate pigments present in fine wines. Developed by teams of winemakers and experts and with a cooling range that can be set from between 8 to 18 degrees, you can be assured that each bottle housed in a wine cooler fridge of this calibre is ready to be served exactly as the maker intended it to be.

Do wine fridges require special care?

When you're considering whether or not to buy a wine refrigerator or some kitchen appliances of this type, it's only natural to wonder about care. However, your wine cooler fridge is as easy to maintain as an ordinary fridge - easier even, since you don't have to worry about ice or defrosting. Your cooler runs at an optimised temperature; ideal if you are planning a special occasion like a wedding, party, christening or engagement party and want to treat your guests to a really fine selection of wine and champagne.

The angled shelving ensures that there is no sediment or tainting so the chances of opening a "corked" bottle are virtually zero. All you need to complete your purchase are a few well-chosen accessories like elegant champagne flutes or wine glasses and an electric corkscrew.

The best accessories for wine coolers

A good corkscrew is essential. Old-style corkscrews can so easily spell disaster in the wrong hands and you're left with a broken cork. However, when you buy electric corkscrews such as those in our online store, problems like cork breakages and struggling to open bottles become things of the past.

Available in sleek white or sophisticated black, these clever corkscrews have enough battery life to uncork up to 70 bottles of wine. Ideal for those planning larger parties and celebrations. Even just five minutes of charging will allow you to comfortably and efficiently uncork ten bottles of your favourite wines. You simply plug the USB cable into your preferred device and you'll be ready to uncork again in no time. Just click the button and the cork is removed in one easy movement.

These practical but elegant corkscrews really are the most impressive accessories for wine fridges to be found.